Taurus AI & MetaKeep: Elevating Security and Streamlining User Experience

4 min readMay 27, 2024

Taurus AI is thrilled to announce its collaboration with industry leading wallet infrastructure provider MetaKeep, whose decentralized ‘cloud hardware wallet’ technology is validated by global monetary authorities for secure self-custodial key management.

A significant challenge for both seasoned and novice DeFi users is safeguarding the seed phrase and private keys of their non-custodial wallets. If you have ever attempted to access a Metamask wallet on different devices, you’ve likely encountered this issue: handling private keys by copy-pasting inherently risks compromising them.

“Not your keys, not your coins.”

At the same time, no DeFi user would want to relinquish the fundamental advantages of holding their assets in true non-custodial wallets. This principle is succinctly summarized in one of the founding tenets of the crypto sphere: Not your keys, not your coins.

To resolve the dilemma of maintaining full control over funds while also being able to rely on mechanisms like two-factor authentication and wallet recovery, a robust infrastructure is necessary. This infrastructure should be capable of creating and linking non-custodial wallets to a user’s socials and/or email, all while ensuring ease of use.

Enter MetaKeep. Thanks to the MetaKeep infrastructure, all a user needs to set up a wallet is their email address. In the background, a hardware wallet is provisioned for the users that is permanently bound to the user’s identity at firmware level. Because of running on an equivalent cryptographic hardware and firmware combination as that of a physical hardware wallet like Ledger® or Trezor®, nobody other than the users themselves can own or control their private keys, including MetaKeep.

Whenever the user interacts with the wallet for signing transactions the proof of identity is established via a code that is sent via email for confirmation. Thanks to the sophisticated battle tested automated fraud mitigation engines that safeguard MetaKeep, that have been modeled after the industry leading anti-abuse technology behind Google and Meta (where the founding team of MetaKeep used to work before), a new code only has to be entered about every 24 hours, streamlining the user experience. Using a wallet on different devices or enabling two-factor authentication has never been easier — a feature that remains underutilized in the world of non-custodial wallets.

It’s worth noting that every MetaKeep wallet is fully integrated with Wallet Connect. This means users can connect to any DeFi protocol that offers Wallet Connect — a crucial feature for serious DeFi users.

Multiple Wallet Recovery Options for Enhanced Security

For Taurus AI users, the integration of MetaKeep’s service means they can use Taurus AI within its native Telegram ecosystem without the security implications of other existing Telegram bots that store users’ private keys in their clouds.

Taurus AI users are secure from the start. When opening Taurus AI for the first time, a wallet is created by entering the user’s email. This simplicity is maintained throughout the entire user journey.

To further enhance security, MetaKeep has implemented several wallet recovery options including multi factor and social recovery into their service. This ensures users can confidently recover their funds even if their email becomes inaccessible or hacked, or even if the user becomes incapacitated.

About MetaKeep

Passbird Research, Inc., the company behind MetaKeep, is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded in 2021 with the mission to provision an unbreakable self-custodial private key for every person and organization on the planet and be the decentralized root of trust for the world.

MetaKeep provisions a hardware wallet, and therefore a private key, for every person and organization on the planet, on a planet scale decentralized physical infrastructure network of cryptographic hardware that gives people the security of a physical hardware wallet without the overhead of owning and operating one. It’s 40x more reliable than a physical hardware wallet, with industry leading higher security, which simultaneously increases the Web2 to Web3 onboarding rates by 1,000x, while costing as little as 2,000,000x less than a Ledger®.

TLDR —What Dropbox did to flash drives, MetaKeep is doing to hardware wallets with self-custody — i.e., making hardware wallets available to everyone on the planet instantly, with better resiliency, security, and durability guaranteed for 120 years.

About Taurus AI

The team behind Taurus AI joined forces in 2021 and has since been developing a range of integrations for large protocols in the DeFi space, including performance analysis tools and SocialFi apps. Their expertise in these developments has led them to release Taurus AI as their first product for the DeFi market, with the vision of enhancing user experience and wallet security for both seasoned and novice DeFi users alike.

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