Taurus to launch AI Trend Ecosystem

3 min readApr 9, 2024


Taurus is poised to revolutionize the landscape with the introduction of its AI Trend Ecosystem, placing users at the forefront by bringing together Data Providers and Subscribers. A paramount objective for the Taurus team during the development of their Trend AI Ecosystem was to establish a robust real-world AI application.

Harnessing the Power of Crowd Wisdom

Every day, a wealth of valuable insights within the crypto community remains untapped due to the overwhelming volume of information scattered across numerous social apps and web platforms. Taurus addresses this challenge by furnishing users with the infrastructure necessary to curate digests from their preferred information sources.

Subscribers to these digests will receive hourly or daily summaries of emerging trends, easily digestible within minutes as a daily briefing. Unlike crypto media outlets offering similar briefs limited to their own sources, Taurus provides access to an extensive array of information inputs, delivering digests directly to users’ Telegram addresses.

AI Digests with a Focus on Relevance and Quality

On the Taurus Marketplace, Subscribers can choose from a wide range of Trend AI Bots, each created by the community. These bots generate summaries from various sources such as Telegram channels, Discord, web crypto media outlets, and more. Each Trend AI Bot is customized with unique parameters, catering to specific interests, from succinct updates on NFT market trends to comprehensive analyses of gaming trends.

Trend AI Bots are created by Data Providers who leverage Taurus’s AI tools to harness the full potential of Large Language Models. In the Taurus ecosystem, every Subscriber can also be a Data Provider, and vice versa.

Easy Creation of Trend AI Bots and Exposure on Taurus Marketplace

Setting up a Trend AI Bot is a seamless process that can be completed within minutes. Data Providers define parameters such as the information source link and AI prompts for summary creation. Once published, Trend AI Bots become available on the Taurus Marketplace for subscription by interested users.

Token-based Ecosystem

Taurus subscribers utilize the Taurus TXRS token to compensate Data Providers for sharing market insights through Trend AI Bots. Data Providers stake TXRS to ensure the quality and relevance of their bots. Violations of quality guidelines may result in partial or total slashing of the staked TXRS.

Additionally, staked TXRS ensures uninterrupted accessibility and operation of Trend AI Bots throughout the subscription period. This mechanism guarantees fairness and simplicity for both parties.

Full Integration with Trading Capabilities

Taurus Trend Summaries seamlessly integrate with Taurus trading functionality. Tokens mentioned in summaries are clickable, enabling users to initiate trades effortlessly. At present, Taurus offers integrated trading functionality for spot markets on Uniswap and perpetuals on GMX.

A Novel Concept

Taurus introduces a novel concept to the crypto space with its integrated suite of AI Trend Bots and Trading, offering both novice and seasoned users unparalleled opportunities to monitor market trends and gain a competitive edge. The community-driven setup of Trend AI Bots facilitates sourcing information from the entire crypto space, covering a wide range of aspects including DeFi, NFTs, Gaming, eSports, and more.

About Taurus

Founded in 2021, the Taurus team initially focused on developing integrations for prominent protocols in the DeFi space, including performance analysis tools and SocialFi apps. Building on their expertise, Taurus emerged as their flagship product for the crypto market, aiming to enhance user experiences and provide real-world AI solutions.

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