Taurus to Launch Version 1 of Their Taurus Trading App — Unleashing the Power of Telegram-Based Mini Apps

3 min readMar 13, 2024


Taurus is set to launch version 1 of its app in the upcoming month, enabling spot and perpetuals trading in a simple-to-use interface right on millions of users’ mobiles within Telegram. The figures are impressive — Telegram’s current monthly active users stand at 800 million and counting towards 1 billion at big strides. For Taurus, this means the ability to offer Telegram users the opportunity to conduct their trades within the ecosystem they already use most for retrieving market info, without ever having to leave it.

Comprehensive Feature Set for Taurus Version 1

Starting with version 1, Taurus offers perpetuals trading via GMX v2. GMX, being one of the best-known perpetuals exchanges in the decentralized crypto space, brings substantial liquidity to the table, a prerequisite for trading perpetuals in the highly volatile crypto market.

Right from the beginning, Taurus has integrated Uniswap v3, one of the most recognized protocols in DeFi for spot trading. Just like in Uniswap trading, any token will be tradable through Taurus as long as there exists an ETH or wETH pool for that token.

To seamlessly facilitate cross-chain bridging, Taurus has integrated LiFi Bridge into its streamlined interface, making bridging between all major chains a matter of just a few taps on the mobile at competitively low bridging fees.

On the Taurus roadmap is access to centralized exchanges such as Binance and OKX, offering advanced algo trading features, as well as integrating dYdX for an even broader range of decentralized perpetuals trading.

Email-Secured True Non-Custodial Wallets

A truly innovative feature of Taurus is its wallet implementation of non-custodial wallets. Taurus has teamed up with SEC-approved business partner Metakeep to offer secure wallets irrevocably linked to the user’s email. This setup ensures zero risk of a user’s crypto assets being compromised as long as the mobile phone is kept safe from unauthorized access. For wallet access, a code is sent to the user’s email for transaction approval. However, this only occurs once every 24 hours, streamlining the Taurus app usage for high-frequency users.

Using Taurus with the same wallet from a different device is as easy as retrieving the code via email on that device, eliminating the hassle of importing wallets by transferring seed phrases and thus avoiding the risk of compromise.

Leveraging the Power of Telegram for Crypto Trading

Taurus takes the concept of a Telegram-based trading app to a new level by offering a full-fledged Web UI. In contrast to existing Telegram crypto bots, Taurus provides a user-friendly interface that mirrors the experience users are accustomed to from larger screens, adjusted to fit neatly into a mobile screen. Gone are the days of fiddly user interfaces reminiscent of working on a computer’s command line. Taurus offers high usability and low friction for the user, taking it to the next logical level.

Taurus also offers automated price and volume alerts for any chosen token, utilizing Telegram’s built-in notification feature. Users can receive notifications once a predefined token’s price or volume crosses a threshold. Volume-based alerts for specific wallet addresses are also a standard feature of Taurus, allowing users to monitor whale wallets’ movements of specific tokens to follow the herd.

About Taurus

The team behind Taurus joined forces in 2021, embarking on the development of integrations for large protocols in the DeFi space, including performance analysis tools and SocialFi apps. Their expertise in these areas has led to the release of Taurus as their first product for the DeFi market, with a vision to enhance user experience and wallet security for both seasoned and novice DeFi users alike.

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Taurus—Telegram Super App for Trend AI Agents with trading on STON, Uniswap and GMX integrated